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Intersection - Feature Film
Associate Producer
Status: Released
RISEN - Feature Film
Assistant Producer
Status: Australian Premiere at the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival, Nov 2021
Everything in Between - Feature Film
 Production Manager
Status: Post-Production
Sherbrooke Down: The Road to Cataract 
 (Proof of Concept Short Film)
Producer (Pre-Production) & Production Manager
Status: Released
The Coloured Digger - Documentary
Assistant Writer/Production Assistant
Status: Production



Originally from the UK, Cat has spent the last nine years residing in Sydney, Australia. Cat is the founder and managing director of Naqada Haus Productions. Naqada Haus produced the music film clips to 'Work For Me' by break out artist Mia Wray, and 'Time of My Life', by the well-established Australian band The Rubens.

Most recently, Cat was the Director's Assistant for Maggie Betts during pre-production on HBO's TV Film 'Days of Abandonment' and the Production Manager on the Indie feature film, 'Everything in Between'. Cat has been credited for her work as an Associate Producer on the feature film ‘Intersection’, directed by Samuel Bartlett, which had its Australian premiere at the Monster Fest Film Festival 2020. Cat was also an Assistant Producer on the feature film ‘Risen’ which will have its Australian premiere at the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival 2021.

Cat has written a short film titled 'Hemlock', which is a sci-fi thriller set in a desolate future. This will be produced under Naqada Haus Productions. 


As well as producing and directing within film, tv and online content for high profile brands, Cat's skills range from production management, line producing, field producing, script writing, casting and overseeing post production.


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