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When a contamination is caused by a minor meteorite impact at a farm in Minnesota, an unknown chemical is spread in the air causing the entire town to drop dead. Soon, an unearthly tree grows in a crater which is toxic to the human race but is life to them. The seed has been planted. We're at the edge of a mass extinction. Starring Nicole Schalmo.


Written & Directed by Eddie Arya.

RISEN - Feature Film
Assistant Producer
Status: Post-Production
Intersection - Feature Film
Associate Producer
Status: Stay tuned for release date

When a conman discovers his own son is abducted, he is forced to drive the streets of Sydney completing an escalating series of trials to appease his child's kidnapper, and atone for his career of deception. Starring Matt Doran.


Written & Directed by Samuel Bartlett. 

Sherbrooke Down - Feature Film
Status: In Development

Sherbrooke Down is inspired by two intertwining true Australian stories.  Set in 1902-1903, during the lengthy Federation drought, a thriving rural community comes under threat from a government dam project that will destroy their homes, farms and livelihoods.

Written & Directed by James Stewart Keene.

The Coloured Digger - Documentary
Assistant Writer/Production Assistant
Status: Production

A true story about two young Aboriginal soldiers, Privates Harold West and George Leonard. They were childhood friends and lost their lives defending Australia when they were not counted in the population.

Written and Directed by Jemma Piggott. 


Originally from the UK, Cat has spent the last eight years residing in Sydney, Australia. With experience as a Series Producer and Director for an Australian television series on Channel 9, Cat has produced content in broadcast and digital for high profile clients such as Samsung, Vodafone and Sony as well as a recent short film for Greenpeace ‘Climate Changed’.


Coming from a marketing and event background, this has given her an advantage when it comes to producing content and shooting on location - utilising her extensive knowledge and understanding of branding and production to tell stories. 

Cat worked on her first feature film ‘Intersection’ (2020) as Associate Producer, her second ‘Risen’ (2020) as Assistant Producer, and a Producer on her third, ‘Sherbrooke Down’ which is currently in development.


As well as producing and directing within tv, film and online content, Cat's skills range from production management, script writing, field producing, casting and overseeing post production.



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